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We’re here to help with all your residential  property restoration needs! Our team of professionals have the training and experience needed to hit REWYND on your property and turn back the clock to when everything was fresh and new!

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Owner/Co-Founder, Rewynd Projects
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Chris Thompson

Janelle Eaton

Owner/Co-Founder, Rewynd Projects
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“Just like our customers, each project is absolutely unique, and therefore our approach to each project must be custom tailored to fit.”

I started Rewynd Projects with the vision of being able to help people with their various home related projects, without having to break the bank to do it.  One thing that sets Rewynd apart from our competitors is our approach.  When it comes to home renovations and improvements, we can’t put a “cookie cutter” solution together.

Just like our customers, each project is absolutely unique, and therefore our approach to each project must be custom tailored to fit. We will provide insight and perspective based on our experience. However, at the end of the day, it’s not our home were working in, its yours and we treat it that way.

We have over 20 years experience in Property Restoration Services





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Customer Journey

A Decision

Meet Marty and Jenny.  They have lived in their home for the last 12 years and now its time to make a decision.  Are they going to invest in the property and renovate to their exact desires and specifications, or will they put a small invest forward to get ready to sell and maximize the potential value for a quick sale? 

Marty loves the old house and thinks a renovation would do the trick.  

Jenny wants to invest a few dollars for some pre-sale repairs to ensure a good resale value and minimize the time spent on the market. 

Regardless of which path they take, the old house needs some help.   

Enter Rewynd Projects.

After a FREE CONSULTATION with a Rewynd Team member.  The budget is determined and the project set to be completed within 1 month.  Our hardworking and reliable Rewynd representative, hustles back to the office to get stared on the project estimate, scope and timeline to be delivered back to our home owners within 3 business days of the consultation.    

Prior to starting the project, the Rewynd Crew reaches out to let our fearless homeowners know what time to expect them to be onsite and ready to start. 

The Rewynd Crew completes the requested upgrades (a new tile backsplash, light fixture, faucet and undermount sink in the kitchen, new paint throughout the main floor, and new tile floor and bathroom vanity in the main floor bathroom) under budget and on time!  

The Conclusion

With the requested renovation completed Jenny and Marty are now finding it difficult to choose which way to go.  Do they list the house and move on to a new adventure or do they fall in love with the updated old house all over again and stay put? 

Turns out, all they needed to do was put a small investment in to the old house to love it again.  However, in the meantime they did call a realtor to give them a value assessment with the upgrades completed and found out that they made their money back and then some! 

The moral of this story is, work with Rewynd Projects to avoid the typical headaches associated with home improvement. 

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