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What is Included in Move-Out Cleaning and What to Expect

Moving out of a rental unit can be an hectic and stressful time, especially if you’re doing so in a short period of time. You might be expected to leave the property in excellent condition, with little opportunity for error. In order to remove all traces of your tenancy and ensure that your landlord has no reason to withhold your deposit, you may need to book move-out cleaning services. Have you ever wondered what is included in a move-out cleaning service? If so, this blog will answer all your questions regarding this type of service and what you should expect from it. So keep reading!

What Is Move-Out Cleaning?

Move-out cleaning is a service that cleans the property after the tenant has moved out. Sometimes this type of service also includes packing and loading the tenant’s belongings. The purpose of this type of cleaning is to leave the property in an excellent condition, with no traces of the tenant’s tenancy.

Why Hire a Professional Move-Out Service?

It can be difficult to know what you need to do before moving out or how much time it will take. For instance, if you have pets, you’ll want to make sure the carpets are properly cleaned. If there are any damages in the apartment, like peeling paint or cracks in the walls, you might need professional painting services. These types of tasks aren’t always easy to do on your own and may not be within your skill set. So by hiring a professional move-out service company, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that all bases are covered and everything is done properly.

Things You Should Expect from a Move-Out Cleaning Service

A move-out cleaning service will help you clean every inch of your rental unit to make sure it looks as good as new. Professional cleaning service companies will make it their goal to give you back your security deposit in full, and more importantly, help you avoid getting charged for any unnecessary damages. They’ll even make sure you pass your landlord’s move-out inspection with flying colors. Hiring a professional move-out service company, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that all bases are covered and everything is done properly.

So how do you go about finding a reputable move-out cleaning business? There are numerous factors that must be considered when looking for a cleaning company. To ensure that the company fits your needs, consider the following things: 1) Training & Experience What have the people who work for the cleaning service been trained in? Are they professionally certified or have they just been on lots of jobs? Are they familiar with local building codes and housing rules? It’s very important to examine these things

Which Services Are Included in Move-Out Cleaning?

Typically, move-out cleaning services include all the things you’ll need to clean your rental unit before you hand over the key. This may include: * Cleaning and tidying all surfaces (floors, walls, countertops, etc.) * Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen * Emptying trash cans * Clearing out closets or storage space * Moving furniture * Doing yard work if necessary * Cleaning windows inside and out Moving in and out of a rental unit can be a stressful time. Make sure you have someone there to help you with your move-out needs!

The Cost of Move-Out Cleaning Services

A move-out cleaning service will vary in price depending on the type of service you require and the size of your property. For a standard property, a move-out cleaning service costs an average of $300-450. This includes: > Cleaning all surfaces with a powerful cleaner > Wiping down cabinets and countertops > Drying any windows or mirrors that may have been left wet > Removing any remaining pieces from shelves or racks However, if you’re looking for a more thorough clean then the cost could potentially be higher. Obviously, there are many factors that can affect the final price of your move-out cleaning services. The sooner you book these services, the lower they tend to be priced versus leaving it to last minute.


Hiring a professional move-out cleaning service can be a huge help for busy homeowners. These services can take some of the pressure off, and also ensure that you’re getting the most out of your deposit. Move-out cleaning is a great way to get your home sparkling clean and ready for the next tenant. Whatever you need to do, don’t forget to plan for it. To get your FREE estimate, go to and work with a team who knows how to get the job done at affordable prices!


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